Node ID: Badmadnode
PubKey: 03fefeb2f6b0830121806ba689aa61bbb2fc23264111b87fb4334abec5023ee3ed
Number of channels: 1
Total capacity: 150000 SAT
Color #0055ff

Advertised addresses:

Data Collected at 2018-09-01 23:02 Node list Channel list Network graph at time
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Channel ID Connected To Connected From Capacity Channel Point
589704369892229121 03864ef025fde8fb587d989186ce6a4a186895ee44a926bfc370e2c366597a3f8f 03fefeb2f6b0830121806ba689aa61bbb2fc23264111b87fb4334abec5023ee3ed 150000 SAT 73f590df196ce9f3861a776feab3cbf365a7c53052b0edaf357e180dfeb9b576:1